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New-Years-Eve-FireworksOur Beagle is chewing on her ball at the foot of the bed here in Cleveland, Tennessee, while an ungodly number of people surround Times Square awaiting a different kind of ball to follow a geodesic through space-time and drop, marking the advent of 2016.

Tonight, people will get drunk, kiss, make New Year’s resolutions, and guys will spend fortunes on particular arrangements of carbon atoms which happen to be very shiny, and then claim it represents their love for their girlfriends whom they met on Craigslist last week. We, on the other hand, are snuggling in bed while Candy licks her butt in front of God and everyone. And the silence is intoxicating.

So… why are we blogging?

We are Jonathan and Jeneva, a pair of eccentric academics (a.k.a. weirdos) who share food, fun, and farts. And we are in love.

On this blog, we may blog together, as we are now, or separately, in which case it will be made explicit who the writer is.


The power I feel in my fingertips! *maniacal laughter* Jonathan let me run this big keyboard all by my wittle self.

These are a few of my favorite things: math, learning, teaching, love, brown paper packages tied up with strings.

This evening, as our calendar rolls over like my Honda’s odometer (and as our beagle rolls over and snores), Jonathan and I are beginning this blog. This will be recreational for us. Instead of writing to please an editor, reviewers, or an academic community, we can just off-the-leash write…., and yes, this means that it will usually be cathartic word-vomit that would make a dissertation committee faint.

I love Jonathan, and I look forward to sharing a voice with him here.


You know what sucks? When you’ve done calculations in general relativity so much that you begin to dream of Ricci tensors. That’s not fun; that’s a nightmare. When you miscalculate in your dreams, you miscalculate for real…

My occupation is in mathematics and theoretical physics, but in general, learning something new about the world around me makes my day complete. This beautiful life is worth living in and of itself, and it is a requirement of anyone who wants to perceive this to continuously be thankful for what their lot in life has bestowed upon them. What grinds my gears is anything that would hinder the dispersion of knowledge, love, or Minute Maid lemonade. (Why not “made” instead of “maid?” Lemonade isn’t a woman…)

I love Jeneva; she is a miracle of a human being. I would be a vastly different person had I not encountered her anomalous persona during my undergraduate years. I am excited for our future.

Jonathan and Jeneva:

We share nearly everything, so it is only appropriate that this blog be a place for either of us to share thoughts, experiences, and possibly to vent about something in our world that makes about as much sense as quantum mechanics. Maybe we could talk about something interesting…

Hey you know what’s great? Oxytocin. It feels wonderful. Addictive, one might say. Scientists have demonstrated that the love molecule is even intoxicating.

Research published in the journal Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews has shown that oxytocin has effects on the brain that resemble alcohol consumption. The reality of this discovery could not be more pertinent to our relationship. To connect this research to real life, we can humbly offer some off-color anecdotes.

As many New Year’s Eve partiers can attest, intoxication impairs the tongue. A once-articulate professor can become a blithering idiot with a few shots. We do not drink alcohol, but we blither anyway.

Part of falling in love (one of the fun parts) is craving each other’s presence. Yet once next to one another, especially late at night, the mind becomes sharpened in all the wrong places. (a) For instance, we both try to eat healthy, so when Jeneva wanted to express her affection, instead of wishing she could give me a cake, she said “I want to bake you a billion dollars.” (b) During a late-night thunderstorm, we sought each other’s protection. When Jon mentioned that the storm had passed, Jeneva said it was a “Chinese thunderstorm,” as if we should quickly switch apartments with our next door neighbor before the next storm arrives. (c) Often, Jon will write not so G-rated messages on Jeneva and/or her clothing with a Sharpie. Love really can make you do stupid things (like spending a fortune on shiny carbon atoms).

But there is more to love than wonderful chemical concoctions.

“Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.” – 1st Peter 4:8